Welcome to Work in Progress

Welcome to the website of BAFTA award-winning sound editor, film and video maker, writer, trainer, and photographer, JOHN CRUMPTON.

View the new trailer for Heave Too here and the full film here

The Hunt for Engels. The link to an unfulfilled film project

By popular demand I’ve uploaded the original Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds from 1978 which you can view here.

For an added thrill see the story with an up-to-date version of ‘I Ain’t Bin to Music School’ with Ed Banger and the group as it is now. View here.

If you’ve come to view the video ‘International Workers Memorial Day’ featuring Claire Mooney singing ‘A Day to Remember’ click here

If you’ve come to find out more about the Tea Machine DVD insert here

You can now view the Tea Machine here

If you’ve come to view the video ‘I Married a Cult Figure from Salford’ here

See Fareground Accidents Live at the King’s Arms here

It’s finally been uploaded see One More Chance here

Past, Present & Future -The Working Class Movement Library up to 2005 is now available to view here

Pause for Play – A 1994 look at GRUMPY – The Greater Manchester Play Resources Unit can be seen here

The Brewery Museum, Burton-on-Trent from 1988 can be viewed here

John lives and works in Manchester, in the North West of England and has over 40 years experience working across the UK’s Media Industries. He continues to be active in a number of related fields.
Currently he wishes to ‘raise his profile’, publicise his skills and knowledge and become involved professionally in new projects. In addition, having led such a varied and creative life he has decided to create a website to share details of the many fascinating projects he has produced over the years and to highlight his current projects.


John is well aware of the pitfalls.

‘Of course I realise that it’s a fine line that separates self-archiving from vanity publication. This website will attempt to stay firmly on the side of the former.

As I don’t have an army of students beating a fevered path to my door begging me to be the subject of their PhD dissertation viz.

The great unseen films and life of JC, blah, blah, blah…..’

Consequently it has fallen on me to attempt such a venture, a sort of a PhDIY if you will. I hope you enjoy my attempt.’